Model: TM-2300

  • Wireless Station to Station Phone System
  • Voice and data communications
  • Designed for Industrial Uses
  • Long-range Communications
  • Durable and Reliable

TM3300R Remote Station


The TM-2300 is one of the most flexible long-range wireless phone products on the market, offering clear, reliable, communication with an easy installation and an easy to use system. The system utilizes long-range 900MHz RF technology to transmit voice and data over long distances and through or around many types of obstructions. The base station can connect to any standalone analog phone jack or an analog extension of a PBX. The remote station has two standard RJ11 phone jacks to attach a single line analog phone, fax machine, or data modem. The base and remote stations wirelessly transmit telephone and data signals between each set which eliminates the need for running extensive wires between the phone service jack and the telephone, modem, or fax machine. This is ideal for connecting a remote building into your phone system as it eliminates the need for buried or overhead cables. Multiple remote stations can be paired with a single base station allowing many phones to share a single extension, or multiple base stations connected to analog extensions on a PBX can be paired with multiple remote stations providing wireless connectivity throughout your office, warehouse, or other buildings.

application ideas
  • Large Warehouse / office
  • Integrated with elevator phone
  • integrated with emergency phone
  • Integrated with Explosion-proof phone
  • Integrated with wireless Relay switch

TM2300 PDF
Single Base & Remote
The TM-2300 long-range wireless station to station system is specially designed for voice and data communication. It can work as a stand-alone system and it has a built-in RJ-11 interface for connecting to an analog telephone or a fax machine.
Multi-Base & Multi-Remotes
The TM-2300 System is flexible because it allows you to expand into a multi-line phone system. You can combine multi-bases and multi-remote with a PBX phone system. The remote stations will become the wireless extensions of the PBX. So you can share the phone lines with other users and you can call between the extensions to use as an intercom system.
Integrated with Emergency Phone
Many emergency phones are designed with wired connections. In some applications, installing a wired emergency phone can be difficult and expensive. It is ideal to integrate our TM-2300 system with an emergency phone. Our TM-2300R remote station has a built-in RJ-11 interface which allows you to connect with an analog emergency phone.
Integrated with Industrial Phone
Great deals of industrial phones are designed with a wired connection. In some applications, installing a wired industrial phone is difficult and expensive. TM-2300 offers a simple and cost effective solution. The TM-2300R remote station has built-in RJ-11 interface which allows you to connect with an analog industrial phone or explosion-proof phone and etc….

Key Features
  • 900MHz long-range communication
  • The remote station provides 48VDC line power
  • Remote Station operated in 12VDC or Solar Power
  • Adjustable speaker and microphone volume
  • Can work individually as a self-contain system
  • Can work with PBX system for multi-line system
  • Built-in security code and voice scrambler
  • easy integrated with emergency & Industrial phones

Specification: TM2300 System
Descriptions Base Station Remote Station
Working Frequency 902/928MHz 902/928MHz
Transmitting Power 600mW 600mW
Receiving Sensitivity  -118dBM / Sinad 12dB  -118dBM / Sinad 12dB
Number of Channel 80 Channels auto scan 80 Channels auto scan
Channel Spacing 25 KHz 25 KHz
R.F. Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm
Frequency Stability  +/- 1 KHz  +/- 1 KHz
Modulation Deviation  +/- 3 KHz  +/- 3 KHz
Working Temperature  -40° C ~ +60° C  -40° C ~ +60° C
Power Source  Input 110V AC Input 12V DC / 1000mA
Output 9V DC/ 1000mA  
Dimension 109x149x39 mm (WxLxH) 252x347x34 mm (WxLxH)
Weight  400g 400g
Power Consumption 400~600mA / Standby 90mA 400~600mA / Standby 90mA

optional Accessories
900MHz magnet mount antenna upgraded for TM-3300B and TM-3300R.
900MHz 6dB high gain antenna upgraded for TM-3300B and TM-3300R.