In the Oil & Gas industry, drilling contractors, operators and service companies they demand wireless communications and surveillance services that meet their specific operational requirements. Our customers need comprehensive, reliable solutions that scale to support their growing number of sites – drilling rigs, remote offices and shore bases. Most of the remote offices and shore bases are located in multiple regions at any given time. At the same time, their inland or offshore assets need to be equipped with the latest technology, easy to install and easy to relocate so that they can meet the demands of their clients.
TMI focuses on creating both communication and safe solutions for today’s industrial market. We aim at creating more value through representing either companies providing cost-effective and a safe environment to protect their companies’ assets. We provide wireless phone systems, wireless public address system, and wireless emergency phone systems.
TMI provides video surveillance solutions to help reduce crime, protect people and property. Our video surveillance solutions deter revenue loss for stolen merchandise, destruction of valuable information and vandalism. TMI offers integrated and customized advanced video surveillance solutions to protect what matters most to our customers.
TMI advanced wireless door entry phone systems provides a cost-effective and is easily maintainable. Our 3G GSM wireless door entry phones are very flexible and easy to install, so they can meet the demand of clients. The wireless 3G GSM door entry phone can serve as a single home unit or can serve up to 750 units in an apartment building. We offer the models with or without the built-in camera and built-in DVR system.