Model: gep360

  • GSM Emergency phone system
  • Weather-proof & Vandal-proof
  • Single push button operation
  • working with solar power
  • pc software & SMS Programming
  • Durable and Reliable

GEP360 Emergency Phone


The GEP360 GSM Emergency Telephone System is using the GSM 3G technology. The GEP360 can be programmed by a computer through the USB port or it can be programmed by sending SMS commands to program it also. It is designed to assign to give an emergency phone number to call for help. The bright orange color enclosure is vandal-proof, weather-proof and frame-proof designed. The GEP360 also has the Solar Power Package option available for placement virtually anywhere.

application ideas
  • Train stations
  • airports
  • hospital
  • university
  • parks
  • highways
  • swimming pools
  • parkting lot

Weather-proof Enclosure
The GEP360 3G GSM Emergency Phone is designed for outdoor use. The enclosure is weather-proof and vandal-proof because it has been IP-65 certified. The built-in speaker and microphone is also weather-proofed.
Solar Power Panel (Optional)
The GEP360 3G GSM Emergency Phone is operated by 12VDC. You can add the solar power package for the GEP360. The solar power package comes with 10W solar power panel, a power converter and Li-ion battery.

Key Features
  • GSM 3G Technology
  • Wide voltage range input 8V~16V
  • Low power consumption
  • Solar power package (optional)
  • PC software programming
  • Remote programming by SMS
  • Speaker & microphone volume control
  • Weather-proof & vandal-proof enclosure
  • Emergency phone number programmable

Specification: GEP360 Emergency Phone
Frequency Band Quad-band GSM 850MHz, 
DCS 1800MHz,
PCS 1900MHz
Transmitting Power UMTS 1900/850: 0.25W
UMTS 2100/900: 0.25W
GSM: 850/900: 2W
DCS 1800/PCS1900: 1W
LED Indicators GSM Status Display
Speaker Output 9 adjustable volume levels 
Microphone Input 9 adjustable volume levels 
Relay Output 1 relay output (Normal-close) for door lock
Power Supply   Input voltage DC 8V to 16V
Power Consumption Standby: < 12V / 50mA
Current Consumption Working < 12V / 200mA
Operating Temperature  -0°C ~ +70°C
Firmware Upgrade Support USB firmware  ISP update
Remote Programming Support SMS Programming

optional Accessories
solar Power panel
The solar panel is 10W with peak power voltage, Vpm 17.75V and peak power current, Ipm 0.60A. The open circuit voltage, Voc is 21.82V.
Stainless steel phone booth for GEP360 with SOS printing for weather-proof and vandal-proof.